Gone Corporate

Well, it happened. I got sucked into the dubious world of the corporate blog. Thankfully we have a liberal policy “Write about what you want to write about.” And our team has been faithful in supporting this, check out this post form our VP of People, I love it. And I love the marketing team supporting this effort from MarkLogic, professionals that “get it.”

On top of that I think our corporate blog team has one of the best, if not the best, role models in corporate blogging: MarkLogic’s CEO for 6+ years, David Kellogg and his incredibly high quality Kellblog which is less a corporate blog these days, given that he has moved on from MarkLogic, but still a fantastic platform for the always thinking, to the point, and goinggoinggoing DK.

All of this is really to say that while I have not posted here recently I have a massive post on BigData that is in limbo because it may become a corporate contributed article. I hope some form of it will see the light of this blog. In addition I’ve done three corporate posts on BigData, BigETL, and just today the Strata 2011 Executive Summit.


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